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Remzi Torpak, Türkei
Remzi Torpak, Türkei

Die Türkei ist Teil Europas und Asiens und wird geographisch in 7 Regionen unterteilt. Das Land hat auf einer Fläche von 783.562 km² ca. 80,8 Mio. Einwohner_innen. Die Hauptstadt ist Ankara, wobei aber ein Fünftel der Bevölkerung in der Großstadt Istanbul lebt. Amtssprache ist Türkisch. Die Einsatzstelle befindet sich in Kas, Antalya. Die Partnerorganisation ist Genctur, wurde 1979 gegründet und ist Mitglied des Alliance-Netzwerks.

  • Programmdauer: 8-20 Wochen
  • Teilnahmebeitrag: 8 Wochen € 555,- (einmalig) Grenzenlos-Programmgebühr; Programmgebühr der Partnerorganisation €0,-
  • Anreiseinfos: Anreisetermin frei wählbar
  • Anmeldung: mind. 2-3 Monate vor Abreise

Beteilige Dich an Projekten im Bereich:

  • Soziales und Inklusion: Arbeit mit Menschen mit Behinderungen im Projekt „Dreams Academy“ in Kas, Antalya
Genctur, Türkei
Genctur, Türkei

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Experience Türkei – Inklusion: Dream Academy

Genctur Gruppe, Türkei
Genctur, Türkei

Aufnahme von 01.04. bis 30.10.2019

Alternative Life Association (www.ayder.org.tr) aims and works for the social integration of people with disabilities built a multi-purpose venue in 2014, in a village close to Kas – Antalya in the south-west of Turkey. In this venue people with disabilities who have been excluded from mainstream educational opportunities will have the chance to have education in various fields. Volunteers who are willing to work with and for disabled people are welcome. Please be aware that the center is open all year but disabled people mainly will be there between 15 May and 30 October. Thus you should consider their absence if you are willing to come out of these dates and sometimes even within these days. When there is no disabled group in the center volunteers should agree to do other tasks mentioned below. Also you might be the only foreign volunteer during your period of stay. We can not guarantee a group of international volunteers all the time.

Volunteer tasks: Although we do not request a non-stop working effort, volunteers are supposed to dedicate their time end energy when needed. Your help may be requested all day long, of course with breaks.
You can help for the overall running of the site in different field works. Volunteers who can undertake more than just one task will be preferred. The work fields are as follows.

1) Kitchen: Food preperation, cooking, table setting, food serving, dish washing
2) Field: General cleaning of all units, fixing buildings, boats, bikes, instruments; gardening in main facility and in eco-farm; animal care (mainly horses), farming, harvesting, landscaping
3) Training as artist or assistant or just helper: Art workshops (painting, dance, rhythm, instrument, DJ, drama, photography, sculpture, ceramic, handicraft); courses (PC, foreign languages, personal development, sign language); reading & library management; outdoor and water sports; boat skipping; yoga and pilates
4) Organization: Entertainment and event organizations, indoor – outdoor games; driving & transportation, trip guiding; health care & first aid
5) Administration: Office works

Host situation, board and lodging: Although a guest house and dormitories are avaliable, volunteers might be asked to stay in tents when necessary. Disabled members of the arriving groups have the priority of using the dormitories. Sleeping bags, mats and tents will be supplied but those volunteers who prefer to bring their own ones are welcome.

Food: Breakfast, dinner and lunch will be prepared and served at the facility. Volunteers may be requested to help in turns for the kitchen works as preparing the food, cooking, setting up tables, washing the dishes, etc. Language: English. Basic Turkish would be an asset.

Location: Kas is one of the most popular coasts in southern Turkey and the facility is 11 km away from the Kas town Center. Please be aware that the facility is a bit isolated and there is no night life. You might be the only foreign volunteer especially out of the summer period. Work camp site is safe and secure.

Arrivals and meeting point: Volunteers arriving indivually will be met in Kas Coach Terminal and be transferred to the center. The nearest airport is Dalaman. It takes maximum 4 hours to go from the airport to the camp site. Therefore you must arrange your landing in Dalaman Airport before 14.00 to be met in Kas Coach terminal. More info will be on the info sheet which will be sent to the placed volunteers.

Volunteer requirements: Minimum age is 20. Minimum stay is 15 days, maximum is 3 months. A detailed motivation letter should be sent with the application form. Volunteers who can take responsibilities of more than 1 task will be preferred.