Discover | 4-7 Wochen | Asien
Discover, Nepal
Discover, Nepal

Nepal ist ein Binnenstaat in Südasien, die Hauptstadt ist Kathmandu. Die Einwohnerzahl beträgt 31 Mio., wovon 1 Mio. in der Hauptstadt lebt. Bei den Religionen sind Hinduismus (81 %) und Buddhismus (9 %) vorherrschend. Die Amtssprache ist Nepali, man kann sich aber mit Englisch gut verständigen. Grenzenlos arbeitet mit der Organisation ICYE Nepal.

Beteilige Dich an Projekten im Bereich:

  • Bildung und soziale Tätigkeiten mit Kindern/Jugendlichen: Unterrichten (Englisch, Sport und andere Fächer) sowie Betreuung von Kindern und Jugendlichen. Vermittle jungen Mönchen eines buddhistischen Tempels Englisch-Grundlagen. Auch Frauen verschiedenen Alters und mit unterschiedlichen Lerngewohnheiten kannst Du in verschiedenen Fächern wie etwa Mathematik, Informatik, Musik, Englisch, in Persönlichkeitsbildung oder Umweltbildung unterrichten.
Discover, Nepal
Discover, Nepal
  • Gesundheit: Du kannst bein Sahid Memorial Hospital das örtliche medizinische Personal unterstützen. Leiste einen Beitrag zur Verbesserung der Gesundheitsversorgung, erwirb wertvolles Wissen für Deine medizinische Karriere und lerne gleichzeitig das Leben in Nepal aus nächster Nähe kennen.
Medical Internship, Nepal
Gesundheitsprojekt, Nepal
  • Umwelt- und Tierschutz: Beim Umweltschutz gibt es Projekte in den Bereichen biologische Landwirtschaft, Aufforstung und Gartenarbeit.
Bio Bauernhof, Nepal
Agricultural Farm, Nepal

Hier findest Du ein paar Projektbeschreibungen:

Discover Nepal – Umwelt

Tierschutz, China
Tierschutz, China

Agricultural Farm: This Agricultural Farm is growing trees, vegetables and various other plants in order to protect the local environment. The main aims of the project are to create awareness about the environment. We make several types of conservation and awareness programs and promote natural environment. At the same time, the project has also been providing training to local farmers and people in order to protect the environment. The project has also been distributing saplings to the local schools, villagers and communities in order to encourage tree plantation. This is the perfect nature conservation program in Nepal for those who love being in nature.

Volunteer Tasks:

  • To collect the seeds, place them in the right order and plant the seeds
  • Growing vegetables for the children of an orphanage  located nearby
  • Gardening and planting new flowers
  • Water the plants and saplings
  • Weeding, mulching and sowing
  • If  possible,  volunteer  can  organize  environment  projects  with  school  children  and  even with the children at the orphanage
  • Volunteers can also raise awareness of environment protection in the village
Note: Volunteers will pay for extra activities with villagers or children. Ask que coordinator for further information.

Volunteer Skills: Volunteers should be at least 18 years old. Be reliable. Show eagerness. Show creativity. Be confident in their work and have mangament skills to ensure an effective support

Place: Chitwan, 158 km away from the capital Kathmandu in the southern part of Nepal.

Board and Lodging: The volunteer will live with a host Family. Food and accommodation are arranged in Host family during your volunteer work. Traditional Nepalese cuisine consists of rice, lentil soup and vegetables. Our Host Families have basic bathroom facilities and running tap water, electricity is also available.

Discover Nepal – Arbeit mit Kindern/Jugendlichen und Gesundheit

David Loinl, Nepal
David Loinl, Nepal

VASHNABI Secondary School: is one of the renowned community schools of Kirtipur Municipality that offers schooling from nursery to tenth grate. This school has 102 students and 15 staff members. It is partially monitored by government and provided with financial support to pay for the teachers and other infrastructure. Most of the Students in the community school come from nearby villages and from families with weak financial backgrounds.

Volunteer tasks: The volunteer will be teaching English, as prescribed by the school, and co-coordinating with a local English teacher. Volunteers will organize various extracurricular learning activities for the students, such as health and civic education, games, drawing, painting, sports, quiz contests, awareness raising activities in the community, debates, music classes etc. Other activities are:

  • Play educative games with kids
  • Develop activities according to the students‘ needs and pritorizing the listening and speaking classes
  • Organize educational tours and other activities so the students can have a more practical learning experience 
  • Be a role model. Smoking and drinking is forbidden in front of the students.
  • Teach extra English language classes for students if they eager to learn either after school or during holidays (for example if the school is closed).  

Location: Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Host Situation: Volunteers will be accommodated with a host family. The school is located close to the placement facility, 10 minutes by walking. Our host family is carefully chosen and holds years of experience in the field of hosting international travelers. The host family is welcoming and offers help for the volunteers. They have been working with us for a long period of time.

Volunteers will be provided 3 local, Nepalese meals a day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our host families have basic bathroom facilities and running tap water. Electricity and WIFI are also available. The host family has 5 members: a grandmother, host father and his wife with their 2 sons. The host family will provide accommodation and food for the volunteers and they need to
share rooms with volunteers of other nationalities joining the same project. From 9:00 to 9:30 volunteers will have their lunch and dinner is served from 7:30 to 8:00 pm.

Shahid Memorial Hospital (internship): The aim of this program is to provide quality health care services with affordable costs for the local people. At the same time the aim is to train the staff to become skilled health professionals by providing them with the opportunity to explore their knowledge and skills. With the training, they will be able to contribute and to help the needy people of the society. Volunteer’s task in medical project is to assist local doctors and medical staffs. You will be assigned work according to your level of experience. Volunteer works in hospital include treating minor injury, taking BP & weight, record keeping of patients, general medical checkup of patients, assisting local doctors, and similar responsibilities. You can also choose to work in the administration. Volunteers interested to work in the health project should have some level of work experience in the health/medical sector. Only health professionals, medical students, nurses, and volunteers with similar experience are allowed to join the medical project. You must produce medical certification or have an ID card which states that you are a medical student. Location: The project is located at the heart of Kalanki-Chock which is the crossroad for the capital in-out.

Host situation: Volunteers will stay in the Kalanki hostel which is located near the hospital.

Volunteer’s working time (for both projects): Mostly from Monday to Friday. Working hours are between 20 and 40 hours a week. 

ICYE Nepal bietet 5 weitere Einsatzstellen für Kurzzeitaufenthalte an. Weitere Projektbeschreibungen findest Du in der