Experience | 8-16 Wochen | Europa
Lydia Goller, Spanien
Lydia Göller, Spanien

Spanien ist ein Staat im Südwesten Europas. Die Hauptstadt ist Madrid. Das Land hat eine Fläche von 505.970 km², Amtssprache ist Spanisch. In Spanien leben ca. 46 Mio. Menschen, davon 3 Mio. in Madrid. Die Partnerorganisation ist AFAIJ. Diese NGO wurde 1999 gegründet und ist seit 2015 eine Mitgliedsorganisation des ICYE-Netzwerks.

  • Programmdauer: 8-16 Wochen
  • Derzeit keine Plätze verfügbar
  • Anreiseinfos: Ankunftstermin frei wählbar.
  • Anmeldung: mind. 2-3 Monate vor Abreise
  • ICYE Spanien

Beteilige Dich an Projekten im Bereich:

  • Bildung und Inklusion mit Kindern/Jugendlichen: Unterrichten und Betreuung von Kindern mit oder ohne Behinderung.
Denise Partl, Spanien
Denise Partl, Spanien
  • Gesundheit: Assistenz bei der Arbeit im Gesundheitswesen sowie Aufklärungsmaßnahmen an Reha-Zentren, Kliniken oder in lokalen Gemeinden.
Discover, Spanien
Discover, Spanien
  • Umweltchutz: Mithilfe bei einem Umweltprojekt oder Arbeiten auf einem Bio-Bauernhof.
Umwelt, Spanien
Umweltschutz, Spanien

Hier findest Du ein paar Projektbeschreibungen:

Experience Spanien – Gesundheit: Basida Navahondilla

Basida, Spanien
Basida, Spanien

A charitable, non-profit association that has been declared as a Public Utility since 1996. It has the general aim of providing attention to needy people from a bio-psychosocial point of view, with a scope of performance at a local, regional and national level. 1. Shelter for people suffering from HIV-AIDS and other pathologies, this program tries to offer a fitting place, a warm and familiar home for those people of both sexes, drug addicts, HIV-positives, people suffering from AIDS, as well as other terminal diseases, and due to the advanced stage of the diseases they have no other alternative. The idea is to avoid that they die alone in prison or on the street. 2. De-intoxication center and program of social action. The Rehabilitation center aimed at cohabitation, provisional accommodation, the social attention of drug addicts, whose activity is orientated to the recovery and social reintegration of its users. So, there are many tasks and the opportunity to work and learn different cultural and educative matters.

Location: It is in the little town of Navahondilla, about 70 km from Madrid.

Volunteer tasks: Volunteers may participate in all activities in the professional departments previously mentioned (psychological, therapeutic, etc.), always taking into account factors such as the characteristics of the volunteer, their previous professional training and their personal preferences; considering these aspects is fundamental in allowing the volunteer to integrate and adapt to the dynamics of the hosting home and at the same time empathies with those being treated.

Working hours: Volunteers will collaborate a maximum of 35 hours per week from Monday to Friday. The schedule time will be principally in the mornings although it will depend on the current necessities.

Some of the most frequent activities to be carried out by the volunteers are: 

  • Attendance to sick people and to those who are in bed
  • Personal attention: support for meals, cleaning the residents, etc.
  • Support in physical rehabilitation activities and occupational therapy for their cognitive rehabilitation
  • Participation in workshops (carpentry, gardening, painting, …)
  • Participation in the educative department: workshop of adult literacy, out-of-school support to children who live in the hosting home
  • Collaboration with the organization of workshops and occupational activities: magazine, theatre, computer, science, yoga and relaxation, and sport activities
  • Collaboration with the organization of workshops and leisure activities (excursions, cultural activities, etc.)

These are flexible and should be taken only as a sample.
The volunteers will participate with the rest of the volunteers in the daily home activities.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging): Accommodation and board will be provided in a shared room into the hosting project.

Experience Spanien – Öko-Farm: Granja-Escuela Huerta "La Limpia"

Granja la Limpia, Spanien
Granja la Limpia, Spanien

Granja-Escuela Huerta “La Limpia” is a farm school which contains different infrastructure and farm animals. They give children the opportunity to know farm animals and see agriculture as the chance to participate in various handicrafts activities.
It is an estate of 7 hectares of land with orchards, garden of aromatic plants, nursery, vineyard and olive grove, prairies, garden, playground, sports, fenced enclosure with swimming pool, and two main buildings. In the first one is the house and in the second the workshops and stables.

Main activities: During their stay at Huerta de la Limpia, children carry out a series of activities related to nature, farm animals, in the orchard, sports, entertainment, leisure and free time, cooking; plastic, theatre, puppet workshops; wicker, looms, … In summer, we also offer the possibility of performing; in addition to the activities of each camp, optional riding classes.

Location: Farm-School La Limpia is situated in natural surroundings 10 minutes walking from Guadalajara. Guadalajara city is 60 minutes from Madrid by train.

The programmed activities that the children perform in the Farm School we classify in: work sessions Craft workshops, communication and expression Workshops. Each one of them can be developed in classrooms or open spaces, depending on the activity and the climatology.

Volunteer tasks: Different jobs around the school, helping children mentors during lunch time, maintenance works and animal care (feeding, cleaning…), working in the garden and the vegetal garden; occasionally: Mentor assistant organizing workshops and games and taking care of children during break time and lunch time

Volunteer requirements/Skills: open-minded, creative, likes to work with children, and likes to work with animals.

Working hours: not less than 20 hours and not more than 40 hours a week

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging): A room in the project, the room can be shared with another volunteer.

ICYE Spanien bietet 9 Einsatzstellen für Mittelzeitaufenthalte an. Weitere Projektbeschreibungen findest Du in der